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The population of Brussels: a demographic overview.
By adding the population that is not officially calculated in the population figure such as asylum seekers awaiting a judgement who are included in the waiting register, the population of Brussels would undoubtedly exceed the historical maximum of 1968 1 079 181.
Demography: Population service City of Brussels.
CITY OF BRUSSELS // WELCOME. Demography: Population service. Boulevard Anspach 6. 02 279 35 50. 0800 200 35. Open for public.: Monday to Wednesday from 830: am to 3 pm, Thursday from 830: am to 6 pm, Friday from 830: am to 12 pm.
List of most populous municipalities in Belgium Wikipedia.
Brussels for example is a singular urban unit consisting of 19 municipalities, only one of which is the city of Brussels. 2 See also. 4 External links. Rank Name Population Province Region. 1984 2010 2007 2015. City of Brussels. Schaerbeek / Schaarbeek.
Brussels Hoofdstedelijk Gewest Wikipedia.
Eigen politieke instellingen verkreeg Brussel pas vrij laat, eerst met een Brusselse Agglomeratieraad, en vervolgens, tien jaar na het Vlaamse en het Waalse gewest in 1989, met zijn eigen hoofdstedelijke gewestinstellingen: het Brussels Hoofdstedelijke Parlement en de Brusselse Hoofdstedelijke Regering.
Region of Brussels Belgium: Communes Population Statistics, Charts and Map.

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